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Hemorrhoids Specialist

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Half of the adults over 50 have hemorrhoids at some point, and many younger adults experience this distressing problem as well. At the top-rated gastroenterology practice, Gastroenterology & Nutrition of Central Florida, Nehme Gabriel, MD, and Raj Borade, MD, offer cutting-edge hemorrhoid treatments, including banding and laser ablation. Call the office in The Villages, Leesburg, or Brownwood Paddock Square in Wildwood, Florida, or book an appointment with online scheduling now.

Hemorrhoids Q & A

What are hemorrhoids?

A hemorrhoid is a dilated blood vessel that appears in the anus. The two main types of hemorrhoids are:

Internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids grow inside the anus, so they’re usually undetectable unless they start causing symptoms. 

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids appear in the skin around your anus. They can feel like small bumps or lumps.

Hemorrhoids aren't cancerous, but they can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms, including bleeding during bowel movements. 

What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids typically develop with pressure in your lower rectum.

The pressure can happen because of:

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Regular heavy lifting
  • Straining when you have bowel movements
  • Spending too much time on the toilet
  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea

Having a family history of hemorrhoids can increase your risk for them, and you're more likely to develop hemorrhoids as you age.  

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid symptoms can include:

  • Red or black blood on toilet tissue or in the toilet bowl
  • Pain or soreness during bowel movements
  • Anal itchiness
  • A distinct bulge in the skin around the anal opening
  • Feeling tissue that internal hemorrhoids push out during bowel movements

A few drops of blood can discolor all the toilet water, so it's not as scary as it looks. But, it's also important to know that you need not live with hemorrhoids. Gastroenterology & Nutrition of Central Florida offers effective hemorrhoid removal treatments. 

How do you treat hemorrhoids?

Gastroenterology & Nutrition of Central Florida performs a couple of different hemorrhoid treatments in the office: 

Rubber band ligation

In rubber band ligation, your doctor uses small bands to close off the hemorrhoid blood supply. The hemorrhoid shrinks and falls off in around seven days. 

Laser ablation

In laser ablation, your doctor uses a laser to destroy the hemorrhoid. This treatment is often helpful for grade II or III (moderate-to-severe) hemorrhoids that cause persistent symptoms. But, it might not be right for the most severe hemorrhoids. 

If your hemorrhoids don’t get better with minimally invasive treatments like rubber band ligation or laser ablation, or if you have severe external hemorrhoids, you may need surgery. In hemorrhoid surgery, your doctor removes the dilated vein completely. 

Gastroenterology & Nutrition of Central Florida offers hemorrhoid solutions to end the discomfort, bleeding, itchiness, and other frustrating symptoms quickly. Call the office or book through the online scheduling tool now.